Deir Az-Zour: ISIS destroys water tanks, fearing from using them in military attack

Islamic State destroyed two water tanks in Deir Zour, on Saturday, as a policy ISIS do these days, in order to destroy high buildings. Activists on the ground told Syrian voice.

ISIS blew up water tank in Kamsha village, on Saturday. This tank considered a central tank gives the drinking water for 40 thousand people. According to what published in EuphratesPost page on Facebook.

Syrian Network for Human Rights reported Saturday that ” ISIS destroyed a high water tank with heavy vehicle, in Buqrus Foqani village, in Deir Az-Zour governorate, eastern suburbs, damaging it and rendering it inoperable.

“ISIS try to destroy all high building in Deir Az- Zour Governorate, and this include; schools, water tanks and others, fearing from using them by forces in their attack on ISIS controlled areas in Deir Az- Zour”. Abu Mujahed, a member in EuphratesPost organization, told Syrian Voice.

In this regard, Rami Assaf, Syrian Voice reporter, said ” Deir Az-Zour buildings is not that high, but these tanks (Hawooz) called locally, are high. ISIS used these before as strong points helped them to enter the governorate in 2014″.

“When ISIS controlled some areas of Deir Az-Zour, they climbed the water tanks and roaming curfew, where their snipers took these tanks as fulcrums,” Added Assaf.

“ISIS fear from using these tanks in a military attack against them, as they used when they controlled the city,” Assaf mentioned.

In the same context, “ISIS issued a decision said that, owner of stores in Al Mayadeen city have to put sand barricades, concurrently with blowing up the water tanks and high buildings, in most of city suburbs . These procedures show the preparations for upcoming battle in Al Mayadeen city”.

ISIS controlled areas witness bombing from international alliance and ground attack from Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and their alliances from Arabic military groups. ISIS controlled areas witnessed a significant loss in Al-Raqqa, where the next destination is expected to be Deir Az-Zour, and all parties seem they try to prepare  to these battle.


Translated by Yaman Mousally



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