Syrian government forms reconstruction committee in Damascus suburb after evacuation of residents

By Syrian Voice Staff

AMMAN: The Syrian cabinet announced the establishment of a reconstruction committee in a Damascus suburb on Sunday, less than a year after area residents were evacuated last summer following years of siege and bombardment.

The newly-formed “Daraya Reconstruction Committee” will study the case of reconstructing the city of Daraya, located southwest of Damascus, in coordination with the Damascus countryside governorate and other concerned parties, according to pro-regime outlet Dimashq Now.

Destruction in Daraya City. Photo courtesy of Local Council of Daraya City.

The specific plan for reconstruction and what specific parties will take part in the program, however, were not specified.

After four years under suffocating siege by Syrian government forces, the remaining 8,000 residents of Daraya were evacuated last August and the government took control of the area.

Residents evacuated Daraya in August 2016. Photo courtesy of Local Council of Daraya City.

According to data collected by the Local Council of Daraya City, government forces dropped about 6,800 barrel bombs on Daraya during the siege, leaving rubble and destruction where the city once stood.

On a visit to the city last September, Hussein Makhlouf, the Syrian government’s minister of local administration and environment, said that large parts of Daraya could not be repaired or rehabilitated due to the extent of destruction.

Hussein Makhlouf, Syrian minister of local administration and environment, spoke during a visit to Daraya last September. Photo courtesy of SANA.

Syrian prime minister Imad Khamis later estimated that costs of reconstruction in the city could reach 40 billion Syrian pounds [about 72 million US dollars].

Translated by Avery Edelman


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